Starship Mobile

Baby's First Command

Category: Misc. -> Children
Cost: $150
Poly Count: High poly!
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

  • An animated (and lower-poly) starship mobile can be found here.

High poly warning! This object has over 2,600 polys, so if you’re on a slow computer, you probably shouldn’t put mobiles in every room on your lot. 🙂

While I’ve tried to make the mobile look somewhat realistic, I have not tried to get the strings holding the ships in the exact correct place to correspond with the ship’s angle. I’m not a Physics major, so I’d have to go out and actually build one of these IRL to figure out where the strings would go to get the angle I want, and that’s a bit extreme even for me. 😉 If you are a Physics major and feel grossly offended by this, I’m afraid you’ll simply have to pretend it’s all just a bad dream or something. 😛
Having said that, the mobile features four different starships along with Spacedock:


Mobile seen from above

There are four recolours:

Mobile recolours

When you grow up, you're going to command a starship just like that!
“…and when you grow up, you’re going to command a starship just like that!”



2 thoughts on “Starship Mobile

    • Hee, thanks! I think every Starfleet brat nursery should have a starship mobile. *nods*

      And I feel a little bad about the polycount, but then again, I’ve seen some ceiling lamps with the same (or even higher!) count – approved at MTS, no less – so I don’t feel that bad since this is a pretty detailed mesh. (And I made it before I had met Blender, so it’s made in Milkshape. I should probably make a new mesh one of these days…)

      Your timing is eerie, though – I’ve just started tweaking this to see if I can make it… a little more moving, shall we say? 😉 Stay tuned!

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