Deco Kal-Toh

Kal-Toh - Deco for your Vulcans

Category: Decorative -> Misc.
Cost: $200 (incomplete), $250 (completed)
Poly Count: Medium poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

Another object from my SimTrek anniversary set. Note that this kal-toh is just decorative, it is not playable. And yes, I know this isn’t really what a completed kal-toh looks like, so think of it as a kal-toh variaton – IDIC, right? 😉 (Read that: I couldn’t for the life of me nest my two icosidodecahedra like on the show.)

The t’ans and the base are separate subsets and can be recoloured, but you only get the one recol for each.



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