Andorian Antennae for All Ages

Andorian antennae

Andorian antennae for all ages and both genders. They stay on at all times and can be worn together with other accessories.

The antennae have four recolours, for the Andorian, Aenar and Andorian-Aenar hybrid skins made by SIMale and for the Andorian skin made by Xanathon. (Yes, Xanathon made antennae already back in -06, that SIMale since has recoloured, but I wanted antennae of my own. 🙂 )
Antennae recolours

  • SIMale’s skins (to the left and in the preview picture) are found here.
  • Sims with Xanathon’s skin (to the right) are found here.



2 thoughts on “Andorian Antennae for All Ages

    • I don’t play or create for Sims 4, and I also don’t allow my custom content to be converted for Sims 4. So I’m sorry, but the answer is no.

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