Starfleet Clutter II: Isolinear Chips

Category: Decorative -> Misc.
Cost: Between $3 (single chip) and $50 (chip tower)
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

Today I bring you some more Starfleet clutter, this time for your engineers: isolinear chips!

In this set, you have a single chip, two chips, four chips, a pile of chips, and a tower of chips (quite a feat of engineering, that 😉 ), and they all have five recolours each.

This set uses the repository technique! All the other sets are slaved to the single chip. This means that you must have the single chip (file name obj_nixnivis_isolinearchip1-MASTER.package) in your game for the other chips to display properly!

The set also has a collection file. This file should not be placed in your Downloads folder, but in the Collections folder.



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