Animated Starship Mobile

Category: Misc. -> Children
Cost: $50 (one-tile) and $51 (two-tile)
Poly Count: High poly! (2,100+)
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

High poly warning! This object has almost 2,200 polys! If you are on a slow computer, you might want to limit the number of mobiles on your lot, and I recommend you keep the animation turned off if it makes your game lag.

This starship mobile truly is boldly going, if not quite at warp speed: it’s animated and spins clockwise.

The animation can be turned on and off, just in case your Sims (or you) don’t want a mobile that’s spinning 24/7, and it also won’t start automatically when you place the mobile.

Both mobiles feature four ships and Spacedock:

Click for larger image

And they each have six recolours:

Click for larger image

The arms and the ships can be recoloured independently, so you can mix and match if you want to.
There are two variations of this mobile: a one-tile one and one that’s centred on two tiles – useful if you want it to be centred over a crib or a child’s desk, but don’t want to use any cheats. Now, I’m a big fan of the repository technique, but I know that not everybody is, and I also understand that some of you might not want more than one 2200-poly mobile in your game. Therefore, I’ve made two variations:

  • a repository variation, for those of you who want both mobiles (and know your computer can handle it) but not the double amount of recols
  • a non-repository variation, for those of you who may only want one of the mobiles, or just don’t like repository things

Only choose one of them! Both sets use the same GUIDs, so you can only have one set in your game at the time.



2 thoughts on “Animated Starship Mobile

  1. NixNivis, I missed this when you first shared this jewel. I am playing catch-up and still finding things I missed those 3-4 weeks I was out of commission so to speak.
    This is charming and adorable. Thank you for your excellent work.

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