Small Basketball Hoop

Category: Decorative -> Wall Hangings
Cost: $50
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible (but can be shifted up and down if you have Apartment Life)

I really can’t take any credit for this mesh, nor for the textures – this is simply the hoop from the Free Time basketball court, resized a bazillion times and turned into (base-game compatible) wall deco.


The texture is the same as the FT hoop (because I’m lazy like that), but with three more recols in addition to the original red (because I’m not that lazy 😉 ):

Click for larger image



10 thoughts on “Small Basketball Hoop

    • Thanks! 😀 It’s another of my story objects, it’s seen briefly in “Requested and Required”. Were you looking for a TS3 version of a wall hoop, or of the entire FT basketball court thing? ‘Cause if you’d like to make a TS3 version of this yourself (and don’t feel like chopping up the original court), I’d be happy to give you the .obj file. (Not that you couldn’t extract it yourself, of course.) Says Nix and violates her own ToU. 😉
      Oh my, yes! The net is actually just a two-sided cylinder, it’s all in the texture. Hooray for LIFOs, because I didn’t have to do a thing other than move the h/s/l slider for the recols. 🙂

  1. grr, I really wish I knew how to do that HSL thing. Hmm, on the mesh – I shall just extract it (takes above post as permission). I was kind of wondering when there will be a new story?

    Anything in the pipeline?

    • Absolutely, convert till your heart’s content! Just don’t tell anybody, or I’ll lose my reputation as a cranky Sims 3 hater. 😉 BTW, do you want the recols? The ones in the package are 512*512 (it seemed like a waste of space to make them bigger for a small wall deco thingie like this), but I have them as 1024*1024 .psd files if you’d like.
      And yes, there’s story in the pipeline. 😀 Only problem is it will require two new uniform sets w/rank insignia before I can take any screenshots (darned flashbacks), but I’ve been a bit BWB lately – Bored with Bodyshop. 😛 But I might cheat and only make the uniforms I need for the screenshots first, and finish the actual set later just to get things moving. The writing is progressing at a steady pace, though, so that’s good.

    • Thanks, Jason! I’ve had it on my hard drive forever, so I thought I might as well post it. 🙂 (The darned wall shadow tried to kill me dead, though; shadows are NOT my friends.)

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