Guest Upload! Werkbunnst Tek Sofa by Leefish

Category: Seating -> Living Room
Cost: $1,600
Poly Count: Medium poly
EPs Required: Apartment Life
Creator: Leefish @

Today I have the honour of presenting a guest upload: the Werkbunnst Tek sofa by Leefish @ 😀

This wonderful sofa works just as well in your present-day Sim’s living-room as it does in your starship captain’s ready room, and is made to match the Werkbunnst Tek living chair from Apartment Life. It’s also slaved to that chair, so the frame and the cushions come in the same colours as the Tek chair. Also, any recolours you have for the chair will work for the sofa as well – but Lee recommends that you don’t use patterns for the sofa pillows that look strange if they’re stretched out a bit horizontally.

Many thanks to Leefish for letting me host this great upload! 😀



4 thoughts on “Guest Upload! Werkbunnst Tek Sofa by Leefish

  1. Finally I can breathe, I’ve been holding my breath in anticipation. Lee’s birthday and we get the present, Thank you Lee ♥♥♥

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