Seven Animated TSM Dressers

Seven Animated TSM Dressers

Category: Misc. -> Dressers
EPs Required: Open for Business or above
Poly Count: Low poly

You can never guess what I have for you today. TSM conversions! Yeah, bet you didn’t see that one coming! πŸ˜›

Anyway. Here is part two of my dresser-conversion series: the dressers/chests of drawers. As usual, I’m sure some or all of these have been done before, but mine are all animated. πŸ˜€ Also, all of them have five slots that hold the same things as end tables. They do require OFB or above (so anything between OFB and M&G goes), but to make up for it they’re all quite low-poly – max 640 polys/tile.

Let’s get started! First we have the Phickle-Phyfe Fluted Dresser for $350.

Phickle-Phyfe Fluted Dresser
Animation Preview
Lady Rosalynd of floor mirror fame has kindly agreed to help us with the demonstration today.

As usual, this dresser, and five of its companions, come in Pooklet’s naturals + Time Bomb. The mesh above is in Brisance; the other recols look as follows:

Next is the Pre-Invasion Belted Battle Dresser for $365 (the cloth looks more post-invasion to me, though). Mesh is in Primer; otherwise it has the same recols as above.

Pre-Invasion Belted Battle Dresser

Of course, the cloth gets recols as well. Not in Pooklet’s eighteen naturals, though. πŸ˜› It has to make do with four recols, using patterns from the Isle of Catarina Sims.

After that, we have the Burdley Revival Dresser for $380. Mesh is in Comburent.

Burdley Revival Dresser
Which is followed by the Pyrotechnic Vestimentum Dresser for $450. Note that the recol files are a bit larger for this one, around 350 kB each. This is because of the bump map; I really wanted all the little gold details to look nice and bumpy, but they got completely lost when I scaled the bump map down. So full-size bump map it was.

Vestimentum Dresser
Coming up next is the star of the title pic, the Immoderate Period Gold Inlaid Dresser for $465, in Brisance. (This is the dresser that’s the highest in poly, BTW.) As immoderate gold details require an immoderate bump map, the individual recol files are around 350 kB for this one as well. Please tell your Downloads folder I said “sorry.” πŸ˜›

Immoderate Period Gold Inlaid Dresser
Then comes the Ars Magique Curvenform Dresser for $575, in Incendiary. This one is my favourite. Isn’t it cute? πŸ˜€ I think it’s cute!

Ars Magique Curvenform Dresser
And last but certainly not least: the Rot-proof Stone Dresser for $720.

Rot-proof Stone Dresser

In addition to the original TSM recol above, the dresser comes in eight ACYL colours and the handles in three (seen in the first three pictures). EAxis cheated with this one, though, and put the red details behind the handles on the texture, not the mesh (but they can get away with it in TSM since this particular dresser isn’t designable). This is why they recolour with the dresser and not with the handles.


4 thoughts on “Seven Animated TSM Dressers

  1. Not only do I love these (and your model too) but they are making me antsy to re-install tsm! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Glad you like ’em! (And the model, she’s one of my favourite Sims.) πŸ˜€ I must admit, converting stuff has given me a new appreciation for TSM, I’ve found a lot of pretty things that I’ve never noticed in game before. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Nonni (and thanks for your comment over at Affinity, too)! ❀ The animation looks fancier than it actually is, though; with things that just move back and forth (like drawers), it isn't that important how the joints are positioned in relation to the mesh parts (unlike with things that rotate, like doors, where it’s absolutely crucial), so I could use the same skeleton for all of the dressers and didn’t have to move any joints around. Made me feel almost lazy. πŸ˜‰ (I’m going to make up for it in the next instalment, though…)

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