REQUESTED: Bella Statue, Floor Version

Thanks to Colin Hay for the title.

Category: Decorative -> Sculpture
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible
Cost: $1500
Poly Count: Medium poly (1982)

A while back, downloader Joke Dam asked for a life-size (well, life-size for Sims) version of my Bella table statue, “so Mortimer Goth could have one hidden at his attic”. I thought this was a great idea – I mean, it’s not just Mortimer, every Sim home ought to have a statue of Bella, right? So, as requested, I made one. 🙂

The floor version of the Bella statue comes in three colours: the original brass, gold and copper. There’s also an invisible recol of the diamond. (All recols are part of the .package file, BTW, just so you don’t think I forgot to add them to the zip.)


But you know me; I can’t make a deco object that just sits there, doing nuttin’. So, in addition to viewing her, Mortimer (and others) also has the option to “Miss Bella,” where he’ll either bawl his eyes out, snuffle and wipe his nose, or just sigh heavily over his lost love, depending on how the coin flips. Doing so won’t affect his motives or anything, though, so he’ll be just as grumpy afterwards as he was before. 😉

Hope you like it, Joke Dam!


3 thoughts on “REQUESTED: Bella Statue, Floor Version

    • Thanks, Oce! It was a fun request. I mean, a statue of Bella is a must-have for every Sim home, right? 🙂

      (BTW, I’m now following you on Twitter. My Sims Twitter account is extremely boring, though, it’s just the updates I post here.)

      • Awesome! It’s a cool idea, and maybe I’ll poke about in the guts of the object a bit and see how it works.

        My Twitter isn’t very exiting, either. I just recently started using it because I have forums for my boring IRL crap, and forums for my blogs, but not both until now. Twitter is a good format for posting previews.

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