Lochley Lights

Category: Lighting -> Floor Lamps
Cost: $140 (short), $150 (tall) and $175 (double)
Poly Count: Medium poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

This is a set of three floor lamps, inspired by (but not intended to be exact replicas of) the lamps seen in Colonel Elizabeth Lochley’s quarters in The Babylon 5 film “The Lost Tales”.

As seen above, the set consists of a short lamp (to the left), a tall lamp (to the right), and also a double lamp for those of you who want the tall and short lamps close together, like the “real” ones, but don’t want to use cheats.

Including the orange lampshade and dark brown lampstand from “The Lost Tales”, the lamps have four recols for the shades and three for the stands:

Click for larger image

This set is repositoried! The double and short lamps are slaved to the tall lamp. This means you must have the tall lamp (obj_nixnivis_lochleylightfloortall-MASTER.package) in game for the other lamps to display properly!



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