Rank Insignia – New and Improved!


During 2013, I plan on updating all my old body and accessory meshes. But I’m going to jump the gun a little and start with my Starfleet rank insignia already – they really needed help.

I haven’t just updated the meshes, though. I’ve updated… well, everything. 🙂


  • all meshes have been updated; they now have a better shape and look crisper
  • all UV maps have been updated so that they actually make sense
  • all textures have been updated, following the new UV maps
  • the admiral’s rank insignia for TNG/VGR now have their own meshes and recols
  • the TNG/VGR shoulder rank insignia have new bone assignments; they now move properly with the shoulder and won’t clip as badly into the Sim’s body
  • and last but not least, all rank insignia now have custom thumbnails in CAS and in game, so you’ll no longer have to squint at a nondescript head to try to figure out how many pips it’s wearing

All rank insignia have the same properties as before:

  • FC/DS9 insignia appears with everyday, formal and outerwear
  • TNG/VGR insignia appears with with everyday and outerwear and
  • TNG/VGR shoulder insignia appears with with formal wear only.

Also, the two TNG/VGR insignia sets are supposed to be worn together.

First Contact/DS9 Insignia (also seen above):
TNG/VGR Insignia:
TNG/VGR Shoulder Insignia:
Shoulder Rank Insignia
CAS Thumbnails:

The new versions of the rank insignia will overwrite the old files, but if you have any Sims currently wearing rank insignia you’ll have to change the Sim’s appearance in a mirror for the new insignia to display correctly.


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