Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

Vulcan Hair for Ladies

Today I bring you hair for your Vulcan ladies, binned and familied for all ages.

This mesh hasn’t been posted on my blog before, but it’s been previously released at SimTrek. Compared to the SimTrek version, though, this one has been thoroughly updated:

  • the mesh is now animated for all ages, not just for AF/EF
  • it fits more closely around the ears so that it looks better on Sims who don’t have pointy ears
  • for all ages, it blends more smoothly with the neck
  • AF/EF no longer has a gap at the neck
  • all UV maps have been slightly edited, but not so much as to break existing recolours
  • and finally, it’s got brand new Pooklet textures! πŸ˜€

I’ve only made black and brown recols, though – blond or red hair just doesn’t seem Vulcan to me. Now, without the blonds and reds, if I had done the usual four Pooklet families each family had consisted of only two hairs, and that seemed a little silly to me. So instead I’ve divided the hairs into two families, each consisting of one black and three browns:

Note that Shrapnel and Land Mine are binned as brown, not as black.

Since each family has more than one brown, you might not automatically get the shade you want if you change your Sim’s hair from black to brown – but all six browns are grouped together, so you’ll find “your” shade in the immediate vicinity. The tooltips clearly say which shade is which, in case you can’t tell them apart just by looking at them.

Elders go Mail Bomb, but while all hairs do have a grey, in CAS/Bodyshop it’s only visible for Dynamite. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need eight identical greys in CAS. πŸ˜›

Note: This hair is made to be worn primarily by Sims with pointy ears (or with accessory pointy ears), and therefore it curves in at the temples and behind to make room for longer-than-usual ears. This means that it might look odd on Sims with normal, round ears, since they don’t have anything to fill that space with. πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it. πŸ™‚ I’m quite happy with the mesh (I’ve actually always been happy with the mesh, but I’m even happier now that it’s properly animated) – and of course Pooklet’s textures and actions are pure awesomesauce IMO.

  1. Oooh, goodie! What a great way to start my weekend.

    The updates to the mesh are well done, and much appreciated. And the categorization is perfect. The recolors run the range of natural Vulcan hair color. I suppose it’s conceivable that a mixed-race child could have lighter or red-tinted hair, but these are excellent for 100% green-blooded Vulcans.

    Your Vulcan and Romulan hair meshes are some of my absolute favorite hairstyles and I use them heavily in my game.

    • It’s your fault, you know – like I said in the SimTrek post, if you hadn’t made your recols, I’d probably never would have got around to finally updating this mesh. But I’m going to keep these recols here, I won’t upload them at SimTrek; it seems a little silly for both of us to have Pooklet recols posted over there, esp. since I wouldn’t have got the idea to make mine if you hadn’t made yours first. πŸ™‚

    • Hi there. No, this hair is for females only, sorry. I won’t be converting it for males myself (at least not in the foreseeable future), but if you or somebody else want to do it, by all means feel free! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I was wondering where/if your old Vulcan hair from SimTrek might be available? It looks like a few things didn’t survive when the forum went down.

    • Hi there! I’ve actually been meaning for the longest time to repost that hair here, with some new recols, but I haven’t got around to it for some reason I’m not quite clear on. 😳 It’s all finished, though, the recols are done and I’ve even taken screenshots. All that’s left to do is for me to put a post together.

      Technically I’m on hiatus right now, but as I said, all I need to do is to post it. Just give me a day or two.

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