Default Replacement Thinking Helm

Thinking cap? Nay, helm!

This is all George R. R. Martin’s fault. πŸ˜› I’m currently re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire, and suddenly I realised I had to do something about the thinking caps in my Westeros ‘hood (that resides in an AnyGame that otherwise has been default replaced within an inch of its life). I mean, a lightbulb, really? A lightbulb?? Gods be good!

So I made some lightbulb-free default replacements.

If you have OFB, this probably looks familiar. It is indeed the OFB knight’s open helmet, only I’ve turned it into a halfhelm so that Sims can put it on and take it off without the help of a squire and/or blacksmith. Also, even though the night is dark and full of terrors, because the helm has a plume and not a lightbulb, it doesn’t glow (which also means you can’t tell how many more uses it has), since glowing plumes wouldn’t make sense. However, if and when the helm burns out because your Sims tried to wear it when they shouldn’t (Edmure, I’m looking at you), there will still be sparks and smoke. Which admittedly doesn’t make any more sense than glowing plumes, but if I had taken that out your Sims would be holding their noses at and try to whisk away… absolutely nothing, and that would just look silly. So there will still be anachronistic sparks.

As with the OFB knight’s helmet, there are four shiny variations of the Thinking Helm:

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

And just in case your Sims are more of the hedge knight kind (or if they simply don’t want to spend their time polishing thinking helms), I’ve also added a more scratched and scuffed variation:

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

You can only have one helm in your game at a time! If you want to use a different colour Thinking Helm (or somebody else’s default replacement for it, for that matter), you must delete the one you are currently using from your Downloads folder first.

Your game won’t crash if you have more than one default replacement thinking cap, but you’ll still only see one in game – namely, the one that loads last. So having more than one default replacement of the same thing is of no use whatsoever, unless you have some disk space to waste. πŸ˜›



4 thoughts on “Default Replacement Thinking Helm

  1. What a great idea! I love that deep candy-apple red. I have always wanted a cat that color. lol

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ I really like the red one, too (and no Sim synapses were fried by it, either, even though the Sim wearing it isn’t the sharpest sword in the armoury ;)).
      I’m considering uploading these at the Keep; granted, they don’t look that medieval since I didn’t do anything about the OFB textures, but IMO it’s still better than a cap with a lightbulb on it. πŸ˜›

    • Glad you like! πŸ˜€ I’ve been trying to look the other way and think of puppies and rainbows or something when my Westeros Sims were using thinking caps, but I just couldn’t take it any more – the lightbulb had to go. πŸ™‚

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