Nine TSM Wall Mirrors

Nine TSM Wall Mirrors

Category: Decorative -> Mirrors
EPs Required: None – base game compatible (but can be shifted if you have Apartment Life)
Cost : Varies
Poly Count: Low poly (none over 600 polys)

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been downloading from the right places, but if there’s something I don’t have nearly enough of in my medievalish Westeros ‘hood, it’s mirrors, especially wall mirrors. Thankfully, there is no lack of such in The Sims Medieval you can convert, only I couldn’t choose which ones I wanted in my game… so I converted the lot of them. 😀

So, I give you the nine TSM wall mirrors (yes, nine; one isn’t in the title picture), seven of them with frames in Pooklet’s naturals. Picture heavy post ahead!

We’ll start with the cheapest one: the Tacked Wall Mirror for $50.

Tacked Wall Mirror
No Sims were forced to listen to “The Rains of Castamere” during the making of these
screenshots, nor were any threats made involving trebuchets. I’m not Jaime Lannister.

The frames of all the mirrors come in Pooklet’s eighteen naturals + Time Bomb. Oh, and all the frames have been bump mapped, even if it isn’t always obvious.

Then you have the Conciliator’s Chamber Mirror for $65.

Conciliator’s Chamber Mirror

Next up is the Polished Shield Glass for $73.

This is one of the two mirrors that don’t have nineteen Pooklet recols. Instead, the frame comes in seven of CuriousB’s ACYL colours:

Next, the Burdley Revival Face Mirror for $90. (Here you can clearly see that the frame is bump mapped, BTW.)

Burdley's Revival Face Mirror

Then we have one of my favourites: the Graffenschaft Face Reflector for $120. The lighter recols look the best for this one; the alpha didn’t work as well with the darker ones for some reason.

Graffenschaft Face Reflector

That one is immediately followed by another favourite: the Pinacello Clovenform Wall Mirror for $125. This alpha liked to play nice with all the recols, which was mighty nice of it IMO. 😛

Pinacello Clovenform Wall Mirror

Next we have the Guiltwood Dressing Mirror in Lococo Style for $165. This is the second mirror that doesn’t have Pooklet recols, but rather six ACYL ones.

Guiltwood Dressing Mirror

Then comes the first of the two tall mirrors: the Burdley Revival Wall Mirror for $185.

Burdley Revival Wall Mirror

And last but certainly not least, we have the Pinacello Fluted Wall Mirror for $250.

Pinacello Fluted Wall Mirror
“Are we done already?”

I am planning to convert the TSM floor mirrors as well – but not right now. After making 146 recolours and taking screenshots of them all, I’ve filled my mirror quota for the nonce. 😛



8 thoughts on “Nine TSM Wall Mirrors

  1. *-* I don’t play a medieval game but I’m definitely going to play a medieval mirror game now. They are gorgeous, thank you very much for all the conversions in such perfect colors!

    • Thank you! Glad you like them! 😀 Yeah, many if not most of these work with all kinds of settings. And I love Pooklet’s naturals, I think they’re perfect for wood. And hair. And clothes. And… heck, they’re perfect for everything. 😉

  2. How can such an elegant presentation be hilarious also!?! Fav is Graffenschaft Face Reflector, too. Thanks, Johanna!

    • Hee, thanks! 😀 It’s self-preservation, really; with all the screenshots I had to take for this (almost 160!), I had to amuse myself somehow lest I die of boredom. 😛 And I want a Face Reflector IRL, I just love that one!

    • Hee, glad you like ’em! :mrgreen: Yeah, I’ve been using the same three or so mirrors for everybody in my Westeros ‘hood, be they a peasant or a Lord Paramount, and that just doesn’t work. Thank Wright for TSM! 😀

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