Project Heavy: VK’s TSM:PaN Admiral for Consort’s Heavy Male

Originally I wasn’t going to upload this already, but then the wonderful Norica @ PBK was super fast in adding this bodyshape to the mfBSOK (thank you, Norica!) and that made me itching to show it off. 😉 Consider it a teaser for my Big Bodyshop Project of 2021.

My Big Bodyshop Project of 2021 is something I call “Project Heavy”: converting as much medieval clothing as I possible can for Consort’s heavy male. (I know melodie9 has a fat male, too, but personally I prefer Consort’s shape, I like the legs better. So Consort’s what I’m going to do.)

Bodybuilder Sims of all sizes have plenty of clothing to choose from, but for Sim gents at the other, chunkier end of the bodyshape spectrum, there is… very little, to put it mildly. Most of the time, they have to make do with fat morphs. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got Sims who are both chunkier and shapelier than mere fat morphs can make them – or at least they would be if they, you know, had any clothing. 😡 Enter “Project Heavy”!

My plan is to convert clothing of all categories as well as some (showerproof) skintones, so your nice, chunky Sims can look nice and chunky all the way, all the time. I’m selfishly going to start with some of my favourites, to give your heavy gentlemen a base wardrobe (I can tell you right now that Almighty Hat’s stuff will be heavily featured), but when we get a bit further down the line I’ll be taking requests, too. Just to give you a heads-up. 😉 (Also, once I get some meshes out I’m hoping others will be inspired to join the cause, so to speak. There’s a lot of clothing out there that’s just begging to be converted for heavy Sims and there’s no way I’ll be able to do all of it. I’m going to try, though.)

And here’s my first offering, to get the show on the road. I love the TSM conversions VampireKiss666 has over at PBK, and their TSM:PaN Admiral was the perfect outfit for Lord Jonathon in the title pic up there. So it seemed like a good place to begin my conversion adventures. 🙂

It’s for YAEM (no teens at this point), has fat and preg morphs and is set as everyday, formal and outerwear. It comes in all of VK’s wonderful colours – scroll-less only:

De Ganis, Du Lac, Ferreira, GoS, Gwynedd, Pendragon

Gold, Lady, Pirate, RRH, Shadow, Silver, Snordwich

To give you a sense of the shape:


About File Names

Consort called this bodyshape heavy male (and that’s the name I’m going to use when I’m talking about it), but in the original BSOK it’s called Consort’s Fat Male (CF) – which means it’s called Consort’s Fat Male/CF in the mfBSOK, too. So my conversions are going to be labelled “CF” as well. I’ll always keep the original file names and they usually have an “am” in there somewhere, so when you’re browsing your Downloads folder it’ll hopefully be clear that the outfits are for adult males and not female children. 😉

Credits and Thanks

Consort for the heavy male bodyshape
VampireKiss666 for the TSM conversion
Norica for the mfBSOK and for adding this bodyshape to it
and Lifa for showing me how to make WSOs

Two flavours, tooltipped or mfBSOK’d – choose one. (If SFS gives you an XML error, as is its wont lately, try refreshing the page a couple of times – that sometimes fixes it.)



3 thoughts on “Project Heavy: VK’s TSM:PaN Admiral for Consort’s Heavy Male

  1. I already love this outfit, and having more wardrobe choices will be great. I look forward to seeing more clothing conversions for thicc gentlemen.

  2. Fantastic! I’d never heard of this mesh, but you have made it a must-have. Thank you. So, can it be rightfully assumed that along with Hat’s wonderful medieval clothing, you’re also going to convert VampireKiss’s TSM&P&N clothing conversions? Yesyes??

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