Counter Productive: “Counter Culture” Add-ons

Category: Counters and counter sides: Surfaces -> Counters; wall cabinets and cabinet sides: Decorative -> Wall or Surfaces -> Shelves
Cost: Counters $200; wall cabinets $100
Poly Count: Low poly to Medium poly
EPs Required: None, base-game compatible

It feels a bit odd to be posting Sim stuff as if all is well in the world when it really isn’t, but these have been finished for quite some time and I really wanted to get them out.

This is my fourth counter completer set (the previous ones can be found here, here and here) – and there’s more to come, too. It wasn’t the plan, but what’s a creator to do when she’s got great downloaders who make great requests? ❤

And before someone from MTS goes "but MaryLou and Numenor!" – yes, I know they made add-ons for the “Counter Culture” counters several years ago, but I wanted them made in my style and with my counter variations. (Also, M&N made theirs in 2006. I know that some people at MTS think that no two creators can ever make similar items ever, but to say that nobody is allowed to touch a Maxis item because someone made add-ons sixteen years ago… honestly, I think that’s a bit over the top even for MTS. But that’s me.)

So have a set with “Counter Culture” completers! 😈

First of all, just so there aren’t any concerns or confusion, all of my counters work with drop-in sinks. I know some custom counters don’t, but mine do (see title pic).

Since Maxis counters don’t clone properly (because of course they don’t 🙄 ), the counters are cloned from Numenor’s kitchen counter templates. Both the counters and the wall cabinets are repo’d to the Counter Culture counters, so they’ll pick up any and all recols you have for it.

Just as with my other completers, you get eight counters and as many wall cabinets. We’ll start with the counters. (Note that the two DoorsDrawers counters are in the same package, as are the DoorsShelves ones – so it’s four counters, but only two files. Just so you don’t think I’ve missed uploading something. 🙂 )

Then we have the wall cabinets: four full-length and four short ones. (There aren’t any half-tile ones this time, either, it wasn’t a good mesh for that.)

Just like before, they come in two flavours, wall deco or shelves – they’ll conflict, so choose one. (Also, you can only use the shelf variation if you have the Shelf surfaces sub category in the catalogue.)

With my other completers, I’ve made sides to keep the counters/wall cabinets with shelves from getting eaten by the wall if you put them where two walls meet (originally suggested by the wonderful croidure), so of course you’re getting sides for this set, too. Like so:

You also get updated collection files (there’s one for the counters and one for the wall cabinets, because if I’d crammed everything into the same collection it would be huge). I’ve also included the OMSPs and the slot blocker from the previous sets, just in case you don’t have them already.
And now I’m finally done talking and you may go forth and

6 thoughts on “Counter Productive: “Counter Culture” Add-ons

    • Yay! I was wondering if anybody would pick up on it. Should have known you would. 🙂

      *puts sunflowers in a place of honour against a blue backdrop*

  1. YAY! These are wonderful! And, I love how they ‘match’ my other completer sets 😉
    BTW – I recently got fed-up with the crunchy textures of the 2006 set, and yanked them from my game. So… perfect timing, perfect completeness ❤
    Thank YOU.

    • Glad you like, as always (and also that it was a good time for more completers)! 😀 And yeah, apparently this has become my go-to completer setup. 🙂

      And thank YOU for always being such a faithful and positive commenter. It really, really means a LOT. ❤ ❤ ❤

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