Category: Lighting -> Table Lamps, Wall Lamps
Cost: $39
Poly Count: High poly! (2156)
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible

I was browsing the IKEA catalogue (as one does) and came across this adorable children’s table lamp (that also has a Japanese wall version, and knew at once that I had to have it for my little Simlets. So I simmed it. πŸ™‚

Two variations, table and wall, just like the RL one. They look like so (click the images for larger ones):

Of course, there has to be recols as well. More than 50 of them, in LACK (of course), Anna and Eversim’s Ever So Lovely palettes. The wall lamp is repo’d to the table lamp. It is also shiftable if you have AL.

(Again, click on the images for larger versions.)

Size Comparison

And now all that’s left is for me to stop talking – well, typing – and for you to go forth and

Download from Sim File Share


6 thoughts on “IKEA KRUX Lamps

  1. How adorable! So much personality, and they’re a perfect size to fit on a one-tile desk (the size I use nine times out of ten). What a great choice!

    • Right? πŸ˜€ I honestly think these are some of the cutest IKEA lamps I’ve seen so far. Like I said to gdayars above, I knew the moment I saw them they had to be simmed. Glad you like them! ❀

      Also glad you think they're a good size! Something that drives me nuts in game (well, IRL, too) is enormous table lamps, that look more like short floor lamps, that you can't really place anywhere because they clip into everything around them. So I try to make my own lamps (what I think is) a sensible size – not so small that they disappear completely if you zoom out, but also not so big that they need their own room. πŸ˜›

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