Secret Scuba Gifts, Part II: Blacksmith’s Anvil + DR Bots

It's Hammer Time!

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
EPs Required: Open for Business + Free Time
Cost: $1100
Poly Count: Low poly

Important! If you package this item with lots, you will need to include the tong and mallet manually since they won’t package properly, but are needed for the anvil to function.

At, there was recently a Secret Scuba event – you know, like Secret Santa, except you were scuba and scubee instead of santa and santee. We’re all fish of the same pond after all. 🙂 This is the second – and final – part of my gifts; the first one can be found here.

One of the things my scubee Jo wished for was a blacksmith’s crafting station for her medieval game, which made me squee with delight because I am ever so slightly insane. So I promptly extracted the blacksmith’s anvil from TSM (and tweaked the textures a bit to make them look more TS2-y), cloned the OFB robot making station, and combined the two into a crafting station anvil where your medieval smiths can make… robots? O_o Yeah, that didn’t make much sense to me, either – so I threw in some period-appropriate default replacements for the bots as well.

I’ve seen this being referred to as a “default replacement station” a few times, so I want to stress that the anvil is NOT a default replacement for the robot crafting station, but a stand-alone object. Only the bots are default replacements – and they’re completely optional, you do not need them for the anvil to work.

I repeat: The anvil is NOT a default replacement for the robot crafting station! It is a stand-alone object!

Now, if we’re all clear on that. 😉 Since my scubee had all EPs installed and this was made for her, the anvil requires OFB and FT. I might make an OFB-only version later, but for now, you need both.

Update, 14 June, 2017: Downloader beradan has reported that the DR bots conflict with a mod for buyable craftables (that may or may not be this one); nothing will crash, but the bots won’t display properly if you have this mod installed. It might be possible to solve this by load order (i.e. having my bots load last), but I haven’t yet been able to check this myself. Just a heads up, in case the bots aren’t behaving as advertised in your game.

Thank you, beradan, for the report! ⭐

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The Deceptively Modest Painting (i.e. Wall TV) + DR Remotes

The Deceptively Modest Painting

Category: Electronics -> TVs & Computers
Cost: $35
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible (but can be shifted if you have AL and also moved with the M&G quartertile cheat)

I admit it: My medieval-ish Westeros ‘hood isn’t quite as medieval as it could be. My Sims have lots of cleverly disguised but no less horribly anachronistic appliances, such as phones, stereos, computers – and TVs.

Personally, I prefer wall TVs for my Sims (even though I know there are different kinds of table TVs out there as well). Now, I’ve seen some two-tile wall TVs disguised as big, ornate paintings, and they’re great – for lords, ladies and knights anointed. But what about the smallfolk? The peasants and the common labourers, who don’t have all the gold of Casterly Rock at their disposal – what are they supposed to watch?

Why, this little one-tile wall TV disguised as a painting, of course! 😀

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Default Replacement Thinking Helm

Thinking cap? Nay, helm!

This is all George R. R. Martin’s fault. 😛 I’m currently re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire, and suddenly I realised I had to do something about the thinking caps in my Westeros ‘hood (that resides in an AnyGame that otherwise has been default replaced within an inch of its life). I mean, a lightbulb, really? A lightbulb?? Gods be good!

So I made some lightbulb-free default replacements.

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