Knightly Posebox with Accessory Swords

A Knightly Posebox with Accessory Swords

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
Cost: $0
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible
Works For: Both genders, teen to elder

Sometimes, I go a little overboard. For this medievalish story I’m writing (that isn’t live yet), I needed a particular kneeling pose. One pose. And then I thought that it would be great if the Sim was holding a sword and oh, TSM has some nice ones… and then it rapidly went downhill from there. 🙄

The result is this: a posebox with seven kneeling and three standing poses for you to mix and match. (Yes, I know there are similar poseboxes out there already, but I wanted my own.) To add some knightly flavour, all of the standing poses as well as one of the kneeling ones have accessory swords to go with them, that will be spawned automatically when you run the poses. That’s right, your Sims won’t have to put them on or take them off using a mirror: the posebox will take care of it for them. A knightly posebox should be chivalrous, after all. 😉

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