PSA: About Animations and NPCs

Since this is a question I’ve been asked a few times, and also something I’ve seen come up on other sites:

None of my animated objects are controlled by NPCs!

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, animated objects don’t always require an NPC to run; whether they do depends on the type and complexity of the object and not just on whether or not it’s animated. Objects that move around the lot, like Rebecah’s farm animals, usually need an NPC to work, but simple animated objects like mine, that rotate/swing/rock in place, do not.

But if any object of mine did spawn an NPC (which I say again, they do NOT), I promise you it would say so very, very clearly in the upload post. I know there are creators out there who like to foist undisclosed features upon their downloaders, but I’m not that kind of creator.

Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

Vulcan Hair for Ladies

Today I bring you hair for your Vulcan ladies, binned and familied for all ages.

This mesh hasn’t been posted on my blog before, but it’s been previously released at SimTrek. Compared to the SimTrek version, though, this one has been thoroughly updated:

  • the mesh is now animated for all ages, not just for AF/EF
  • it fits more closely around the ears so that it looks better on Sims who don’t have pointy ears
  • for all ages, it blends more smoothly with the neck
  • AF/EF no longer has a gap at the neck
  • all UV maps have been slightly edited, but not so much as to break existing recolours
  • and finally, it’s got brand new Pooklet textures! 😀

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Rank Insignia – New and Improved!


During 2013, I plan on updating all my old body and accessory meshes. But I’m going to jump the gun a little and start with my Starfleet rank insignia already – they really needed help.

I haven’t just updated the meshes, though. I’ve updated… well, everything. 🙂


  • all meshes have been updated; they now have a better shape and look crisper
  • all UV maps have been updated so that they actually make sense
  • all textures have been updated, following the new UV maps
  • the admiral’s rank insignia for TNG/VGR now have their own meshes and recols
  • the TNG/VGR shoulder rank insignia have new bone assignments; they now move properly with the shoulder and won’t clip as badly into the Sim’s body
  • and last but not least, all rank insignia now have custom thumbnails in CAS and in game, so you’ll no longer have to squint at a nondescript head to try to figure out how many pips it’s wearing

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Zócalo Wall Light

Category: Lighting -> Wall Lamps
Cost: $150
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

A three-tile wall lamp that emits a green light, inspired by the wall light in the Zócalo in Babylon 5. It’s base-game compatible, but it can be shifted up and down if you have AL.

The mesh is all of 10 polys and 22 vertices, which I think is fairly decent for a three-tile object. 😉

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Two Kirk-style Bookcases with Deco Slots

(Oil lamp by Parsimonious, potted plant by Ohbehave, other somewhat repetitive deco by Maxis and me.)

Category: Hobbies -> Knowledge
Cost: $600 (wall version), $650 (standing version)
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible (BG version)

Sometimes when I’m watching a film or a tv show, I come across something I know I’ll just have to make for the Sims. That’s what happened when I spotted Kirk’s black-and-chrome bookcase/display case in The Wrath of Khan – the thing was just screaming to be simmified. So I made like the Borg, and complied. 😉

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Animated Starship Mobile

Category: Misc. -> Children
Cost: $50 (one-tile) and $51 (two-tile)
Poly Count: High poly! (2,100+)
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

High poly warning! This object has almost 2,200 polys! If you are on a slow computer, you might want to limit the number of mobiles on your lot, and I recommend you keep the animation turned off if it makes your game lag.

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Starfleet Clutter III: Coffee Mugs (Plain and with Starfleet Insignia)

Category: Decorative -> Misc.
Cost: $10
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

No matter what they say, it’s coffee (or possibly tea, Earl Grey, hot), not dilithium, that makes Starfleet go ’round. So of course your Trek Sims – and your Trekker Sims – need some coffee mugs to clutter up their desks!

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